Honorable Carl Sherman, Sr. Statement on Intent to File House District 109

Honorable Carl Sherman, Sr. Statement on Intent to File House District 109

The following statement is provided on this December 6, 2017 by the Honorable Carl Sherman, Sr.:

“Representative Helen Giddings is a living legend in the DeSoto and southern Dallas County community. Her work on behalf of Texas families, especially our children, is beyond remarkable particularly as a member of the minority party in Austin. As Mayor of DeSoto, I proudly partnered with Representative Giddings on a variety of issues to improve our community; I am sad to see her go, but I have the upmost respect for her tireless work on behalf of the people in House District 109. There are very few people in Texas whose lives have not been impacted by the work of Helen Giddings.

As the father of five beautiful young adults, my wife Michelle and I are so grateful for public servants like Representative Giddings who sacrifice their time and talents to benefit families like mine. And yet, we understand that the work to improve the lives of our citizens is on-going and requires each generation to carry the torch of leadership until we deliver a more perfect State and Nation for the least among us. Hardworking families in southern Dallas County should not have to choose between quality economic development and affordable housing. Hardworking families in southern Dallas County should not have to choose between rising healthcare costs and access to a quality education. Our families deserve to feel protected by our police officers and well-served by adequately funded public schools. These are the issues Representative Helen Giddings fought so hard to protect, and if I’m elected to serve, hardworking families in southern Dallas County will have a new friend and an advocate in Austin to do the same.

I am so grateful for the outpouring of support encouraging me to run for House District 109. After much prayer and consultation with God, my family and team of supporters, I am excited to announce my intent to file for the Texas State House of Representatives District 109 – Democratic Primary. Together, I am confident that we can build on our successes and deliver results so that people in southern Dallas County are empowered to live better lives. I believe this empowerment can only be achieved by challenging everyone in the community to rise up and resolve long standing issues. Simply put, none of us is as smart as all of us and the answers to our most pressing challenges are within us.

In the coming days, you will hear more from me as we build our movement. In the interim, please pray for my family, as I will pray for yours. LET’S GET TO WORK!”

About Carl Sherman, Sr.: In 2010, Mr. Carl Sherman, Sr. was elected as the first African-American Mayor of DeSoto, Texas. Under his leadership, the unemployment rate dropped from 9.7% to 5%, and DeSoto became the first city in North Texas to require that all police officers wear body cameras. Mayor Sherman, a successful entrepreneur, businessman and city manager, was also appointed to the NTTA Board of Directors by the Dallas County Commissioners Court in October 2016. For his tremendous business success and civic leadership, Mayor Sherman was recognized by the Dallas Urban League as one of the Most Promising Leaders of the 21st Century. In all his endeavors, this esteemed Texan has benefited from the love and support of Michelle, his lovely wife of 30 years, as well as that of his five children and three grandchildren.

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